Choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor

October 19, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Remodeling Contractor

Home remodeling contractors The most important aspect of any home construction project is choosing the right home contractor. If you want an excellent quality job at a fair price you will want to do your research. The following is a method that can help you in the process of finding a home remodeling contractor:

Write down exactly what you want to remodel or repair. As basic as it sounds, it is very important. A plan that is not well defined is easily manipulated. If your plans are not in writing, projects can be disputed. You must have good definitions and expectations for your contractor, you’ll need to double check everything so no aspects are missing or will become overlooked.

For each trade that you hire, get three bids. Always meet the contractor face to face at the place where the work is to be done and never rely on one bid. Cheaper is not always better – remember you get what you pay for. Make sure you are comfortable with your contractor. If you are uncomfortable with the contractor when they are bidding the job how will you be when you have to go over the details and throughout the entire project!

Make sure each contractor is bonded and insured – ask each contractor for references. Always check references and call the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in your area to see if they have any outstanding complaints.

Make sure your contractor does not sub work out to a contractor that is not bonded or insured. It is very common for a contract company to sub out work to contractors that are not insured and bonded. If the contractor subbing work does not pay their sub, the sub can put a mechanics lien on your house and you will have to pay (even if you have already paid the contractor)!

Put in writing the definite timeframe for when the work will begin and when it will be completed. If you don’t have a written schedule, the project can drag on and on if no one knows when to show up and when to finish.

NEVER pay for the entire project in advance. If you pay the contractor in advance the contractor has no incentive to finish or even start! Once you pay, you no longer have control over the contractors. Never pay more than the down payment (if applicable. On a large project keep as much money as you can until the project is completed. The incentive for the contractors to finish the project must be motivated by the cash waiting for them at the end of the project.